We already wrote about that last week a group of +25% was shaking with the announced visit of US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in Russia to meet with its leader Vladimir Putin, better known in Ukraine for his stage name, which we write here will not, and foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who had long been known as “Dull horse”. But over the past year, the Minister increasingly came to be called “Little horse” in the words of the old song “I am a little horse, but I stand very much money,” or just the “Mr Cox”.

Colleagues feared that Pompeo will go and will hand over to Ukraine at the mercy of Moscow. In this regard, I would like to note that the United States, with all the complexity of their position, adhere to is quite clear and quite direct course, in contrast to 72% of Ukrainians, whose rear portion, twisting around so that a snake envious.

But the visit was somewhat different format than it was planned and it was preceded by a series of events that talked about a lot. First, on the eve of the visit has deteriorated the situation around de facto satellites of Moscow – Iran and North Korea. It is already clear that Russia has decided to become Chairman of the club rogue, which includes the above-mentioned countries, Venezuela, Cuba, Belarus and some more of the same dull States.

Novostiukraine otvetochka Russia

Moreover, this situation has arisen not in itself, but intentionally and purposefully. Moscow is convenient to have a small herd of rogue that can easily and painlessly operate, both in terms of their resources, and in terms of the stress they create on the perimeter of its borders. Putin absolutely does not smile to the same as Belarus tomorrow began to develop into a sane country, and the next day – joined the EU as its neighbors. He would rather want a coup there, drowning it in blood, or covered with bombs and shells. To whom as not us to know about how it works?

In this situation, the States periodically try to go direct, without the mediation of Moscow, the contact with these countries, but it all ends the same. Muscovy satisfied with the simple combination of a set of provocations and now bilateral negotiations are merged into the toilet, and again they return to the game as a mediator.

Ahead of the visit Pompeo, and there was just the same aggravation that Moscow is satisfied with regularly. In this regard, before traveling to Sochi, he visited Brussels, where he spent the coordination of positions on all questions, connected both directly with Russia and with the outcasts, whom she manipulates. Such a move would not be needed if Pompeo were going to bury the hatchet and smoke the pipe of peace. Approval is needed only when the hardening of positions.

Novosti Russia began protests: what happened

Tellingly, right at this time in Brussels was the current President of Ukraine Poroshenko that could not be mere coincidence. In the end, instead of a big visit from 12 to 14 may, Pompeo arrived only on may 14, met with the Russian leadership and that is all.

Talks over Ukraine has already received preliminary and comments are very streamlined in the sense that no progress has been made because the parties have opposing points of view, in fact the Russian-Ukrainian war, and as a result of its completion. In General terms it can be considered a answer for those who are worried about these negotiations in terms of putting the interests of Ukraine.

It should be noted that the U.S. Embassy in Russia and the state Department hardly commented on how the purpose of the visit and its results. Instead of specific questions, described General tendencies and phenomena. This always happens when the diplomats have something to say to the public, but without curses and threats do nothing. Then in the course are formulas “deepening cooperation,” “expanding the range of questions” or “reached an understanding”.

Probably all this requires translation into normal human language, and we will try to do it to your taste as it is understood, based on current realities.

Trump was appointed to the post of Secretary of state as Director of the CIA. Moreover, Pompeo – human intelligence analyst, and that says a lot. Yesterday’s intelligence does not happen. His appointment was commented in different ways, there is a comment we have.

Novosibirskaya Putin’s victory

Version is as follows. Trump really is not proper conduct or respect, though not with Putin, but clearly, in Russia. Whether it otherwise, he would have behaved with Putin differently. And it seems that Putin’s people still have some, though not deadly, but unpleasant factual material on trump, which is not put to the test.

For those who have forgotten or did not know, let us briefly recall how Putin rose to the top, it is important for the understanding of what is happening between Russia and the United States in the era of the presidency of Donald trump. In fact, all decided only one thing Putin, who opened the door for him on the landing of power. Or rather, opened her billionaire Berezovsky, but not the way he saw it, he personally brought him to the top.

“Feat”, Putin zasvetilis in the upper echelons of government, became a daring evacuation of his boss, Sobchak, on the eve of arrest for a bunch of feats that had been reserved for him when he was mayor of St. Petersburg.

As already well known that Putin held a “window” on the border for a gang that imported and exported drugs and other, less scandalous “bass”, but because – to take Sobchak was not a problem. And it was not an act of humanity or slavish devotion to the master. Talk then Sobchak, Putin also sat down next to him, if the lads would give him to sit down, which is unlikely. He just would not come to the investigator. However, the act learned big men, including Boris Berezovsky, who decided to “pull” such a valuable frame. But this is not the level from which you start at the top. For this it was necessary to look to Yeltsin personally, and so the case fell.

Negotiating Putin falls, this year he will not survive

For all its dictatorial habits, Yeltsin was more democratic than any other ruler of Muscovy. This created the preconditions for the formation of a real opposition, whose side was made by the attorney General, the filing of which began verification of information that the daughter of Yeltsin’s once rapidly and obscenely richer, acquiring hundreds of billions of dollars.

The case went to a Grand scandal, and one of the “cashier” of the Yeltsin – Berezovsky, Yeltsin proposed to use a robust person – Putin, who will be able to drown the attorney General.

As a result, Putin organized a classic combination of bases, when the video was filmed “entertainment” of the public Prosecutor with two prostitutes. Then this video was posted on live television and the public Prosecutor Skuratov has resigned. There are rumors that on TV was only the most innocuous piece of video, and the most interesting is not shown, but promised to show, if Skuratov will not resign.

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