Putin accused the U.S. of aggression and demanded urgent convocation of the UN security Council

The Russian President made a statement in connection with the strikes on Syria

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The Kremlin website published a special statement of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in connection with the attacks on the United States and its allies on Syria. The Russian leader said that there was aggression against a sovereign state. Putin has demanded urgent convocation of the UN security Council.

Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed in his statement that the missile attack on the United States and its allies were struck by a sovereign state without sanctions of the UN security Council and in violation of the UN Charter and international law, which is an act of aggression.

The Russian leader also said that like a year ago, when the United States attacked Syria airbase “Sirat”, the pretext for attack was used, “a dramatization of the use of toxic agents against civilians”.

“Russian military experts, visiting the site of the alleged incident, did not find traces of the use of chlorine or other toxic substances. Not one local resident has not confirmed the fact of a chemical attack,” reads the statement.

Putin also said that Western countries “cynically ignored” the fact that the OPCW experts just today had to start the investigation of the event in the city Duma, but the surgery occurred before the announcement of this investigation.

“Russia very seriously condemns the attack on Syria, where the Russian military help to the legitimate government in the fight against terrorism,” reads the statement of the head of the Russian Federation.

Putin said that by its actions, the US has exacerbated the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria and in fact the “indulge the terrorists.”

The Russian leader said that history will put everything in its place and reminded that the United States bear a “heavy responsibility for the massacre of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya”.

“Russia convenes emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the aggressive actions of the US and its allies,” reads the end statement of the Russian President.