The protesters in Yerevan joined by students and pupils

Photo: EPA

Protesters in Yerevan on 2 may block traffic, according to “news Armenia”.

Currently, paralyzed traffic in the area of metro station “Gortsaranain”, Aintab, shengavith; stopped the movement in Ararat and Armavir regions.

Protesters also blocked roads leading to Yerevan international airport Zvartnots.

The protesters were joined by students and students declared a strike. Demonstrations between protesters and drivers periodically there are clashes.

As reported “Interfax”, in Yerevan also blocked the entrances to the buildings of several government agencies, including ministries of justice, culture and education.

23 April street protests in Yerevan forced the head of the government of Serzh Sargsyan to resign. From 2008 to 2018, he was the President of Armenia and tried to keep their grip on new posts after the country’s transition to a parliamentary form of government.

The acting head of government became the first Vice-Prime Minister and ally of Sargsyan, a former top Manager of Russian Gazprom Karen Karapetyan.

1 may in the National Assembly of Armenia did not have enough votes for the appointment of the Prime Minister the leader of the protests, the Chairman of the opposition faction “EFC” Nikol Pashinian. His candidacy refused to support the deputies from the ruling Republican party, which controls 58 of the 105 seats in Parliament.

After the vote, Pashinyan urged the protesters on may 2 to start an all-out strike and block all transport routes in the country.

8 may there will be a second attempt to elect the head of government. If it does not succeed, then the President is obliged to dissolve the Parliament and appoint early elections. They should be held no sooner than 30 and no later than 45 days after the dissolution of the National Assembly.

Party “EFC” for the second time, nominate in addition to the premiere.