PrivatBank introduces from the beginning of June to end of August 2020, zero tariffs for servicing of entrepreneurs, which will connect acquiring to pay for goods and services using Bank cards.

In connection with acquiring and acceptance of payment cards, in a period of crisis for promotion of the business will act in zero tariffs on use of POS-terminals is zero fee for using a checking account and a free transactions to the accounts of counterparties in other banks.

Thus, three months of savings for the entrepreneur will be at least 1 500 UAH only anoplate for account servicing, and acquiring. To order acquiring connection here.

To open an account to FOP on the site for 3 minutes.

Also PrivatBank indefinitely extended special rates for service of the it entrepreneurs and startups in which to it people and aspiring entrepreneurs act zero tariffs on services and benefits for the most other services of the Bank.


Recall, PrivatBank was the first in Ukraine launched a unified mobile application for individuals and entrepreneurs on the basis of Приват24Next.

PrivatBank was the first in Ukraine has added functionality for entrepreneurs in the system “client-Bank” for individuals. “Traditionally, banks for service of individuals and businesses use various services have done before us, but last year we set a goal to create a new service as simple as possible for entrepreneurs to work in Privat24 for individuals,” says head of small and medium business PrivatBank Klyuev Sergey – “now more than 700,000 entrepreneurs, which are served at PrivatBank, will be able to work with accounts and also in a familiar Privat24. Therefore, in the future, we plan to simplify the functionality of mobile Privat24 for entrepreneurs, to make more convenient operation with the loans, deposits, currency, submission of reports and other operations, which are now available in a separate system Приват24бизнес and also make more practical the procedure of remote interaction of businessmen with their hired accountants directly inside the mobile Privat24 “.

According to research company GfK, more than 65% of entrepreneurs believe it is Privat the primary Bank for their business. Since the beginning of 2017 PrivatBank active customer base increased by more than 200,000 entrepreneurs.



Privat free of charge all summer obslugovuvannya pgprint, that paclical #cashless

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For umove connecting aquiring and Priya plativ kardami, in the period antecesivo acts for pgprint will date NOlow tariffs on aristophane POS terminally, NULOVA fee for koristuvacha will potochnik rahunkom I bezkoshtovne plates on rachunki contragents in nsic banks.

So, for the three month economy for paprika sklada at least 1 500 UAH lachey for a fee for obslugovuvannya rachunku equiring. Simovici connecting equiring possible here.

Also PrivatBank bastrakova prodview du special tariff on obslugovuvannya IT pgprint startupers, within yakih for itsnew I pgprint duty NOlow tariffs on obslugovuvannya that ply on blesst NSA the hotel to the Bank.


Nagado, Perche PrivatBank in Ukraine by running only mobline application for picnic osib TA pgprint on bus Приват24Next.

PrivatBank in Ukraine Persha added functionality for pgprint have a system of “CLN-Bank” for picnic osib. “Traditio banks for obslugovuvannya picnic osib TA to a b_znes vykorystovuyutsia RSN serve – so as I robili mi, ale shte in view from the past year we have put in meta stvoriti Novyi maximum Prosti service for pgprint for robot from Privat24 for picnic osib” – respond a small group napramku serednioho to a b_znes PrivatBank Club Serge – “now more 700 thousand pgprint, that obslugovuyuche at PrivatBank, vzhe smooth pracowali zi svoj rachunki also I have zvicinou for them Privat24:Tom Nadal mi Planum promovati functionality mobilnogo Privat24 for pgprint, to do more srochniku operat s credits deposits, currency, savannas SWT TA INSHI operas, that at a time dostupn have okremi Приват24бізнес in the system, and also are Robit prakticnim order distanceno vsamom pgprint zi svoj naumanii accountants directly Seredin mobilnogo Privat24”.

For more docey compan GfK 65% pgprint uvajaut same basic PrivatBank Bank for their to a b_znes. Wherein z cob 2017 rock active clse base PrivatBank tbilisias on more than 200 thousand pgprint.

The information provided in the article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine and article 6 of the Law of Ukraine On national minorities in Ukraine