Mentors team has not yet determined the squad for the summer world Cup.

The men’s team of Ukraine biathlon holds in the Austrian Obertilliach next training camp.

On Wednesday, the athletes were first in the offseason, control training – sprint with two shootings. For each miss is charged a penalty of 20 seconds, reports

Race results:

1. Pryma Artem (0+0) 21:08
2. Sergey Semenov (2+0) +0:46
3. Taras Lesyuk (1+1) +0:51
4. Artem Tishchenko (1+0) +0:53
5. Vitaly Kilchitsky (1+0) +0:57
6. Dmitry Pidruchny (2+2) +1:23
7. Bogdan Tsymbal (1+0) +1:31
8. Andrey Dotsenko (1+1) +1:46
9. Vitaliy Trush (2+1) +2:37
10. Anton Dudchenko (2+1) +3:01

On the net course of four leaders showed results within 5 seconds (20:15 – 20:20) – Artem prima, Taras lesyuk, pidruchnuy Dmytro and Serhiy Semenov.

As reported by senior coach Juraj Sanitra, Thursday will be conducted by another control exercise, and the results of the two competitions will form a part of the six athletes to participate in summer world Cup which will be held from 24 to 26 August in Nové mesto.

Earlier Brynzak talked about goals for the new season – the return of quotas.

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