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Many of the hotels have given their rooms for the doctors that come into contact with patients at COVID. It made adjustments to the work of the institutions.

Experts predicted the future of the hotel business after the completion of the pandemic coronavirus. About it reports Fox News.

Nowadays, some hotels were closed and others forced to introduce innovations. So there were institutions that host of doctors working with infected patients. Doctors forced to live separately from their families because of the risk of the spread of coronavirus.

This led to the fact that the process of check-in is only virtual. The lift is available only one way, and other public areas are either closed or operate on special schedules.

The guests themselves are changing clothes, which leave the packages near the door and clean the rooms. After the departure of the guest room is not only disinfected, but remains empty for a few days.

Experts suggest that these innovations will become the basis for new safety standards in hotels in the future.

Was previously named the period of recurrence of traveling the world. It was also reported that the lack of tourists and the quarantine area of Rome overgrown with grass.

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