Think tanks one by one publish comparative analyses of the activities of the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the sixth President Vladimir Zelensky in the first year of stay in power

How many laws made? What reforms undertaken? How has the situation changed in various fields of management and Economics? And it turns out that Poroshenko was more of a reformer than Zelensky, says Vitaly Portnikov for

There would be cost breathe a sigh of relief and say, what we wanted to prove. But this approach to the case is a lie. And the lie is what makes you stupid and corrupting the voters. Especially the “Soviet” voter who is constantly in search of the “best king” or Hetman.

Vladimir Zelensky

In the first year of his tenure as President Petro Poroshenko initially cooperated with the Parliament, which he did not have their own supporters, and then with Parliament, which was formed by a coalition. At the first stage it was a broad coalition of democratic forces – “people’s front”, BPP, “Samopomich”, “Batkivschyna”, the Radical party.

The reform has been implemented in cooperation of the President and government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk. The head of the government was not official in the presidential office, as Alexey Goncharuk or Denis Shmyhal and independent politician, often an opponent of the President. Therefore, the success of reforms is a collective success. Some reforms initiated by the President, some government and parliamentarians. Some reforms the President has supported it, some opposed. Some issues have come to a compromise. Therefore, it is possible to assert with confidence: in the first year of the presidency of Petro Poroshenko Ukraine reformed the Ukrainian people and their elected representatives.

What Zelensky? Zelensky started as Poroshenko in Parliament he had no supporters, and then, after the elections, his party received overwhelming majority in Parliament. But Zelensky from the first days of his tenure, has distinguished himself as an outspoken enemy of parliamentarism. He actually blocked all of the latest reform of democratic forces. After the new majority of the Parliament and the government just disappeared, turned into the office of the President. And after the actual collapse of monopolista the struggle of this office with the oligarchic clientele. What does all this have to reform? Yes no. And, really – it’s a personal failure Zelensky, who, after presidential and parliamentary elections concentrated in the hands all completeness of the power.

The power that Poroshenko was never. But it is important not because it. It is important that populist talk about democracy power and reformist opportunities were deprived the Ukrainian people – the people who was the Creator of the reforms 2014-2019 year. The people who took away the power of the oligarchs and gave it to the populist and lobbyists of their interests.

So no need to search for “good king” and compare the graphics. We need to return power to the people.

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