Photo: Global Times

Station, landed on the back of the satellite 3 Jan.

China national space administration has published a video of the landing station of the “Chang’e-4” on the reverse side of the moon. The station landed on Earth January 3, becoming the first spacecraft landing on the dark hemisphere of the moon.

The mission is aimed at solving several problems. First, the station needs to take pictures of the moon and study the composition of its soil. Second, Chinese scientists plan to conduct low-frequency radio astronomy research, taking advantage of the absence of interference on the reverse side of the moon.

“Chang’e-4” launched on 8 December, she landed in the crater Pocket 3 January at 04:26 in Kiev. 18:22 left in the lunar Rover “WiTu”, equipped with a panoramic camera, radar, spectrometer to study the composition of soil and ecosphere of the moon and the analyzer of neutral atoms .