Photo: Football UA Yuri Ivanov

Soccer referee Yuri Ivanov, was beaten up after the match, Agribusiness Meany, in which he appointed a penalty in gate of owners.

Became known new details of the scandal with the beating of referee Yuri Ivanov after the first League match between Agribusiness and Meany. It is reported

Representatives of the team owners used physical force against the referee after the match.

“What happened in Volochysk, even beyond the scope of understanding. After the match, the leaders of the First League of Agribusiness Meany (0:2 both goals were scored at the end of the match), the jury room of the stadium, the Youth representatives of the team owners used physical force against the arbiter Yuri Ivanov. Moreover, in the beating of the referee was the President of Agribusiness Oleg Sobecki”, – stated in the message.

Ivanov injured his nose, there is also other damage. The referee took a beating in Kiev and not in Volochisk, where the match took place, due to a possible conflict of interest.

The Director of Football TV channels 1/2/3 Alexander Denisov has published in Instagram photo of the arbitrator after the beating.

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This is the face of the referee of the match of the First League of Agribusiness Meany Yuri Ivanov. He was beaten immediately after the game. Basically beat on the body, but flew in the face. The match ended with the victory Minaya 2:0. The referee during the game showed 8 yellow the owners of the meeting and 3 players. In the middle of the first half, Ivanov did not put penalty against Minaya. The episode was really controversial. What will happen now? Who will be punished as punished? We will closely observe and cover the proceedings not only resonant, but the criminal case #prvaliga #persela #Meany #kmini #agribusiness #fragrans #Carolines #soccer #Ukraine #Ukraine #ukraine #footballuatv #velicity #referees #referee

Publication of Alexander Denisov (@alexander_denysov_) 16 Jul 2020 at 5:23 PDT

Recall, in social networks reported that in Ukraine was beaten by a football referee after the match.

It was also reported that in Vinnitsa judge was beaten right on the football field. Some radical fans attacked the referee after the final whistle.

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