Photo: press service of Porsche Porsche resumed production of sports cars

In may started the production of automobiles in key factories in Zuffenhausen and Leipzig. Production was six weeks.

The company Porsche from may 4 to resume production on a particular production capacity. On Thursday, April 30, reported the press service of Porsche.

“The company had taken the necessary measures to ensure safety for workers and gradual restoration of the work”, – stated in the message.

In particular, in may started the production of cars in factories in Zuffenhausen and Leipzig.

“Relevant production processes, logistics and procurement agreed with the Board of Directors and the health Department of the company. All processes meet the requirements of the public authorities in Germany”, – says the press service of Porsche.

Specifies that all operation employees are required to comply with the minimum distance is 1.5 m and the basic rules of conduct, and in certain areas to work with a protective mask.

Manufacturing at two key factories Porsche was officially stopped on March 21 in connection with the pandemic coronavirus and also associated with problems in global supply chains

The ban on travel of employees of the company continues to operate.

Earlier it was reported that Volkswagen has resumed the largest plant in Europe.


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