Photo: Twitter Women can give their partners special certificates

A well-known website for adults in honor of the International day of the female orgasm began to interrupt their popular video, worrying about the pleasure of women.

Video portal adult Pornhub began to interrupt the most popular among heterosexual men videos 40%.Such a “demarche” of the website was timed to the International day of the female orgasm, as stated on the online platform.

It is noted that according to statistics 40% of heterosexual women do not reach orgasm in penetrative sex with a partner. Therefore, a porn site decided to pay attention to the problem of “difference in orgasms”.

Also on Pornhub women can thank their partners who bring them to orgasm. So, for such men are virtual certificates “orgasm giver,” which you can “share directly in social networks”.

“Dissemination of motivation – the key to ensuring that more men pleasure women,” explained on the website.

Earlier it was reported that a porn site will make the offer in front of millions of users.

We also wrote that the site is for adults took on the work of Pamela Anderson.

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