British police believe that on Sunday the poisoning of the former model Anna Shapiro and her husband, famous prankster Alex king, the restaurant in Salisbury was probably a hoax.

Photo by Anna Shapiro, and Alex king from “Instagram” Shapiro, 2015

Tabloid the Sun on Wednesday evening removed an interview with Anna Shapiro, in which she stated that she tried to poison “Putin the killer” because she changed Russian citizenship to Israeli and criticized Putin. Some time at the interview hung a message that it was removed “for reasons of a legal nature”.

Police sources told Bi-bi-si that the version of staging will definitely be reviewed by the investigation of the incident with the king and Shapiro. At the same time, the police emphasize that while the king is not questioned, they can’t exclude any version .

In advance of the poisoning of the king and Shapiro in the Prezzo restaurant in Salisbury last Sunday caused a great stir, because six months ago this city was poisoned nervously-paralytic substance of the Novice class is former GRU officer Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia, and four months later the same “Novice” accidentally poisoned locals don Sturges and Charlie Rowley.

Hospital Salisbury on Wednesday evening announced that checked the king and Shapiro traces the “Newbie” found no traces of nerve toxic substances and prescribed both, making sure that their health is not in danger.

From unofficial sources bi-Bi-si it is known that doctors found no traces of not only “Newbie”, but generally any poisons.

In an interview with The Sun Shapiro said her husband was poisoned with strychnine and that king put into an artificial coma.

To connect with by the king and Shapiro journalists can’t yet.

42-year-old Alex king has a criminal record: in 2004, he pleaded guilty to distributing child pornography.

In addition, king is known, in particular, the fact that in 2006, cheating has entered the premiere ceremony of one film to the dispute to shake hands with Prince Charles. He said that he bet me 100 thousand pounds from his then-employer, convicted for fraud by Edward Davenport.

The incident with the king and Shapiro in Prezzo has led to great expenses for police and restaurant.

Police immediately assigned to the incident, the status of special importance, the restaurant was surrounded, arrived at the scene a few ambulances and a specialist in the chemical protective suit; people from the restaurant enough, the restaurant did not admit anyone.

“As a precaution, the restaurant and the surrounding streets were blocked while police surveyed the scene and tried to establish what the visitors of the restaurant feel unwell,” explained the police Wiltshire, where the Salisbury.

The restaurant was closed until Wednesday.

In poisoning Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Britain formally accused employees of the Russian military intelligence, came to England on passports in the names of Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov.

September 13 people named Petrov and Bocharovym, gave an interview to RT. They said they really were in Salisbury on March 3 and 4, but went there solely for tourism purposes: to visit the famous Cathedral. His involvement in the poisoning and to the intelligence services they are denied.

At the end of June as a Novice poisoned locals Sturges and Charlie Rowley. They found a fake bottle of perfume with the “new” container to collect things for the poor. Don Sturges died, she left three children.