Arrested in Thailand for illegal work group “sex trainers”, including help Alexander Kirillov and Anastasia Vashkevich, better known under the alias Alex Leslie and Anastasia Rybka, their actions have damaged the reputation of the Kingdom. On Thursday representative of the national police of Thailand.

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“This group has caused damage to our national reputation, — said the Deputy head of police press service Kritsana Pattanakarn. We called to account all, without exception, foreigners who violate our laws, not only in Pattaya but throughout the country.”

A number of resorts in Thailand do have a very dubious reputation. However, the power of the Kingdom has repeatedly stated that he was unhappy with a similar image and intend to change it . For example, this week the Consul General of the Gambia was summoned to the foreign Ministry of Thailand after careless statements of the Minister of tourism and sports of this country, which is called the Kingdom “the destination for sex-tourism”. The Prime Minister of Thailand prayut Chan-OCHA, commenting on the situation with Gambia, noted that “wanted to kill” the controversial image of the country.

The history of “sex coaches” from Russia and Belarus on Thursday reappeared in the pages of the leading Newspapers of Thailand after Anastasia Vashkevich in your Instagram urged the journalists “to find her alive in a Thai prison”. In return she promised to supply their “missing parts of the puzzle about trump and Manforce”, obviously referring to the big story with the accusation against Russia of allegedly meddling in the American elections.

From the training to the prison

Ten people — eight Russians and citizens of Belarus and Lithuania, was taken into custody in Thailand on Sunday for carrying out illegal sex-training. One of the organizers of this event, which took part in more than 40 Russian tourists, — Alexander Kirillov and Anastasia Vashkevich.

Six participants of the case about illegal sex training in Pattaya, including Vashukevich and Kirillova, was released on Tuesday on bail in the amount of 150 million baht ($ 4.7 million) for one person, however, again taken into custody by Immigration Bureau of Thailand, because the Department revoked their visas. The four defendants in this case in entering the bail by court was denied.

Thursday, Vashukevich and Kirillov moved to Bangkok, where they were placed in a temporary detention facility of the Immigration Bureau of Thailand. As expected, custody they will stay for a few months until their trial, after which they face deportation. In the case of Vashukevich will be sent to Minsk, because Nasty Fish is a citizen of Belarus.

For illegal employment, which charged all defendants in the case, in Thailand the punishment shall be deprivation of liberty for up to two years and/or fined up to 100 thousand baht (more than $ 3 thousand). As a rule, local authorities are limited to a fine and deportation. The judicial investigation in such cases usually lasts about two months.