Fish will be charged with illegal employment in Thailand

Photo: Nastia Fish / Instagram

The Thai Pattaya police refused to release on bail during the preliminary inquiry model, Vashukevich Anastasia (Nastya Fish) and her “sex mentor” Alexander Kirillov known as Alex Leslie. This was reported by TASS on 27 February, the source in law enforcement bodies of Pattaya.

According to the source, “they tried to arrange bail, but was refused”. He added that “now out on bail detained only by court decision.”

The source also noted that the hearing at which the Fish and Leslie will be charged with illegal employment, as well as the question of bail, to be held on February 27.

Thai law allows detainees out on bail for the period of a police inquiry, as well as for the period of investigation and trial.

The Russian Embassy in Thailand said that the detainees in Pattaya, the organizers of the illegal “sex-training” deported from Thailand.

Police arrested ten Russians for illegally conducting sex-training on February 25. Among them was a Fish and Leslie.

Local legislation stipulates the punishment for illegal employment in the form of deprivation of liberty for up to two years or a fine of up to 100 thousand baht (more than $3 million). Typically, the Thai authorities are limited to a fine and deportation.