Meghan Markle in front of Buckingham Palace

As a teenager, the current wife of Prince Harry visited Buckingham Palace and took pictures on the background of the building.

In the Network appeared the picture of Meghan Markle in her Teens, where she poses against the backdrop of Buckingham Palace. The picture became viral, as users began to discuss how cool life has changed for the former actress. About it reports The Mashable.

Teens pictures of Meghan Markle on film with a friend at 15 years of age. It looks like an ordinary tourist on sightseeing. At that moment, nothing foreshadowed such an abrupt transformation of Megan, when she of the tourists will turn into a member of the Royal family.

Meghan Markle posing in front of the Buckingham palace at age 15. And marrying the prince 21 years later.

What a glow-up. #RoyalWedding

— Denizcan James (@MrFilmkritik) 19 may 2018

“Meghan Markle posing in front of Buckingham Palace at the age of 15. And marries Prince Harry, 21 years later”.

A GLOW UP: 15-year-old Meghan Markle to The Duchess of Sussex Rachel Meghan Markle #RoyalWedding

— laura ✨ (@daisyrdley) 19 may 2018

“15-year-old Megan Markle to the Duchess of Sussex Rachel Meghan Markle”.

Meghan Markle had the GREATEST glow up of all time.

— Ally Weiss (@allyweiss) 19 may 2018

“Meghan Markle made the best transformation of all times.”

Earlier it was reported that Prince Harry married an American actress Meghan Markle. The wedding took place on may 19.

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