100-pound shells can cover the enemy in the rear

ACS “Pion” / Photo from open sources

In the area of the Azov coast artillery units participating in operation joint forces in the Donbas, held exercises 203mm self-propelled guns 2S7 “Pion”, able to “get” the position of the enemy even in the rear.

This headquarters of operation joint forces reported on his page in Facebook.

“Defenders of Ukraine comply with international agreements, so the heavy weapons of the United forces allotted. But for the sake of peace on the Ukrainian land, large caliber artillery capable of hitting the insolent enemy. And the recent teachings of this artillery unit once again confirmed: “Peonies” can blossom anywhere – and in sunflowers, and somber heaps, and on the coast of Azov”, – stated in the message of staff of FOS.

Recall that a week earlier, the APU held military exercises MLRS “Uragan”. During field training, the battery occupied firing positions, “practiced” on the order and departed.

It has also been previously shown video, how to prepare underwater commandos of the joint force. Frogmen undergo special training for action in the coastal zone and under water.