The picture was taken on a nudist beach in Yalta


The infamous Russian actor Alexey Panin has published on his page in Instagram another provocative photo in the company of a naked girl in the sea.

In the picture Panin and his partner, whose face was hidden, hugging each other in the sea. Visually it is noticeable that both partners are naked, and the signature of Mr. Panin has placed all points over “and”.

“In the man most importantly — a sense of humor. And if he is a pervert — he is perfect!”, — signed photo Panin, adding a number of hashtag (#Happiness #life #freedom #nudistgirls #Swingers #Alekseyvanin #Panin #sex).


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The subscribers were divided into two camps. Some felt that Panin “gone too far”, others supported him in the quest to live “without limits”. However, the picture has attracted the attention of not only her nakedness, but the identification of Crimea as Russia.

“Play the idiot, you even don’t need to be masked”, “If you’re bored, remove the camera on his Masturbation, and place, and we will evaluate”, write the members of the actor.

Yesterday it was reported that in Moscow have detained the controversial actor Panina.

Earlier it was reported that shocking Alexei Panin sent to a psychiatrist for corruption of his daughter.

We also wrote that the controversial Alexey Panin mocked Nicholas II and Polonskaya.


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In Moscow have detained the controversial actor Panina
6 Feb, 06:22

Panin number 248 for violations in the field of road safety


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7 November 2017, 06:25

The provocative video was published on social networks