In early March, Elon Musk announced the closure of retail stores Tesla and the transition to online sales. The new strategy has allowed it to significantly reduce the cost of their cars, and now the “affordable” Tesla Model 3 worth $ 35,000 — such cost was attributed to her during the announcement in 2016. In addition, the company’s founder has promised to improve the servicing of cars. The first step has already been taken, the owners received the possibility to follow the repair status and get notified on completion.

A new possibility has appeared after updating the mobile app the Tesla. Opening it while the car in repair, users are seeing, which is for the moment doing the master. For example, the app shows the pending status of the spare parts, the vehicle is in service and ready for use. After repairs, the app sends a notification.

The company says that in the future the quality of repair will continue to grow. For this she will generously invest in the development of services and will make service was available in every country where Tesla sells cars. The company also will ensure that service centers did not allow waiting too long for parts . Previously Elon Musk said that one of the centers of China ordered the parts from local manufacturers and they were delivered the long way through completely different country.

Long delivery parts seems to be the main problem of service centers Tesla. One of the authors of the publication Electrek said that recently the service center of Montreal it took 4 days to understand that they can’t order winter tires. Because of this, the repair process has been much delayed.

It is noteworthy that repair cars can Tesla owners themselves. Especially for this the company has released a guide to their repair and was even allowed to sell parts to everyone.

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