The deceased was a volunteer who fought in Ukraine


In the center of Europe, on the Islands of Guernsey, belonging to Britain, the murder of a soldier of the 8th battalion of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army Mika Alps. It is stated on page battalion in Facebook.

Mick, route des Alpes was a citizen of Latvia, who lived before the war on the island of Guernsey, a volunteer in the battalion over the past two years.

“Tortured, killed, tied and burned in the car, which drove Mick to the military needs of the battalion.

Murder in the Islands, where the population is less than 70 thousand from which it is difficult to escape quickly, where everyone knows each other is a resonant event”, – stated in the message.

“The Sicilian mafia – a kindergarten compared to the methods used by the Kremlin to realize its Imperial goals. No matter where the kill – or in the East of Ukraine or in Central Europe”, – stated in the page of the battalion.