Photo: Boston Dynamics/ Robot dog from Boston Dynamics came to the public

They were originally developed for the military, but after the test, they refused from the use of four-legged robots, and then the company began to develop roboplow for commercial purposes.

The robot Spot the American company Boston Dynamics, which is often called a robot dog, from the American company Boston Dynamics first went into direct sales. About it on Tuesday, June 16, according to the manufacturer’s website on Tuesday, June 16.

“Spot Explorer designed for companies who want to know how maneuverable mobile robots can be adapted to meet different needs – from industrial control to the entertainment industry,” – said in a statement.

It is noted that the cost of a four-legged device is 74.5 thousand dollars.

Specifies that the robot possesses superhuman stability and can travel on uneven surfaces.

With the robot you can also purchase additional sensors and computational units. The earlier robot could only rent.

Earlier American engineers of mit have created soft robots with sensory tentacles, equipped with special sensors. Sensors allow the robot to recognize and grasp objects of different shapes and sizes: from crisps to bottles of water.

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