After repairs on the tracks find cracks and holes of cores

Check. The shortcomings of repair was recorded on the route Odessa — Reni, where not to fill up the sidelines. Photo:

For two years in Odessa oblast for repair of roads of local and state significance have spent more than 6 billion UAH. For comparison: 6,23 billion was the revenue part of the budget of the whole of South Palmyra in 2017. to check the quality of work performed, the Odessa public men carried out the monitoring of the repaired areas. The inspection took place in the framework of the project “Transparency and integrity in the public sector”, which implements the UN development Programme in Ukraine. “Today,” found out about monitoring results.

Representatives of public organization “Anticorruption office” Arkady Tops and Yuri Dyachenko, who carried out the monitoring report: checked the tender documents, inspected 16 plots, which had already completed major or medium repairs. Just researched the 78.2 km of highways of state importance, and 2.3 km of local.

RESULTS. According to inspectors, the study revealed shortcomings in the tenders and in the field.

“74% of tender offer price the winner on all stages unchanged, which may indicate collusion between the companies-participants”, — said Arkady Tops. With regard to verification on the ground, then, for example, in one of the six sections of the route Odessa — Reni, which repaired nearly 70 million UAH, there is flaking and crumbling of the roadway”.

According to Yury Dyachenko, these shortcomings can lead to the formation of pits. And, in another part of the same highway public men noticed unsealed holes from the cores (cylindrical samples of the road surface, taken at the study).

Meanwhile, in the interval, which is fixed over 75.5 million UAH, found the rut — deformation in the ground strips roll. In addition, cracked and rutting was found on a local road near the village Tsebrykove Velikomikhaylovsky area, the repair of which the contractor valued at more than UAH 6 million.

Most violations activists found the three contractors. The head of one of the Contracting organization Today assured that on completion there are no disadvantages and they may have been in the process of operation.

“In the end there is the Elevator. There go cars, the capacity of which exceeds the standards. The base in this sector has strengthened, but, in any case, not designed for those tonnages that are held there. Therefore, the rut, if there is, it is necessary to understand what it happened,” said the leader, adding that he was going to send its specialists to study the condition of the road and is ready to correct all the deficiencies that have arisen through his fault, as the warranty period is five years.

We had called other companies at the telephone number listed in the registry of Ministry of justice, but never picked it up.


The regional representative of the United Nations development Programme Tatiana lighthouse says that in the future all comments will be forwarded to the regional administration.

“Have some initiatives,” said she.

Promise to take into account the results of monitoring in the regional service of highways.

“Of course, our engineers will consider this in your business and work hard to fix the problems”, — assured us in a press-Department service.

There I explain that contractors should resolve all problems within the warranty period. While in service, examine the results and plan to approach each object individually. Public men, in turn, will continue to monitor the quality of work of contractors in conjunction with the service roads and state administration officials.

We will remind, Ukraine occupies the 137th place out of 144 in the ranking of quality of roads from The World Economic Forum. One of the ways to improve the road to build a toll road. And the first toll roads in Ukraine can become a route built on a concession basis.

Previously the website “Today” I wrote, what roads will repair in Ukraine to 2018.

The survey

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