Scientists have also discovered on the red planet carbon.

Space Orbiter first detected in the Martian atmosphere traces of previously unseen ozone and carbon dioxide. Scientists hope that this will help to determine the exact composition of the Martian atmosphere.

This is stated in a press release ESA, reports TSN.

“Space gas Orbiter from ESA recorded on Mars, the signature of a new gas,” – said in a press release.

The Ministry added that the red planet was discovered has never seen traces of ozone and carbon dioxide.

ESA explains that these new secrets about the Martian atmosphere will provide an opportunity to more accurately determine whether Mars methane type gas that is associated with biological or geological activity on the planet.

Most of the methane on Earth is produced from the presence of cattle and people. The detection of methane on other planets is extremely fascinating.

Especially the fact that gas, as you know, destroyed about 400 years, which means that any present methane must be produced or isolated in the relatively recent past.