The Ministry of infrastructure is preparing a series of new requirements to carriers

Vladimir Omelian. Author of the photo: Anatoliy Boyko, Today

Passenger transportation in Ukraine are waiting for rule changes that will enhance the safety of passengers. About it in interview to “Today,” said Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan.

“The primary task is to minimize the deaths and injuries on Ukrainian roads. People buying a ticket, you must be sure of their safety. Electronic office the carrier will make life easier for entrepreneurs and will contribute to more effective work. GPS trackers will help to monitor and remote control of transport – any deviation from the route will be immediately evident. Tachographs will reduce the number of speed violations of the provisional regulations of work and rest of drivers. With all these changes and innovations we will be able to keep on the roads the life and health of hundreds of thousands of our citizens, will ensure the balance of interests between business and the state,” said Omeljan.

He reminded that from 1 August it is planned to launch electronic Cabinet carrier – there you will find all the information about it.

“The option will be available for use in test mode since August 1, 2018. Access of carriers to its email account shall be made on the basis of electronic digital signature. It will be a reliable protection from unauthorized interference of third parties. further developed the register of routes and penalty points for violations in their work, as well as a number of other options are available in the electronic office of the carrier”, – shared his plans the Minister.

The head of the Ministry of Infrastructure has also emphasized that the installation of GPS trackers on the buses the procedure of the election of the carrier at the competition. But while such a condition is not mandatory, but optional. So in 2019 the Ministry of Infrastructure planned to make it mandatory.

In addition, according to the Omelyan, old and unfit for the carriage of passengers the buses will be removed, and converted from cargo to passenger — scrap.

Read more on upcoming changes read on the “Today” in the full text of the interview with Volodymyr Omelyan: “We are building more roads than in some EU countries”.

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