Photo: Olympus decided to sell their business and exit the market cameras

Olympus and Panasonic are the only manufacturers that support the format Micro Four Thirds segment, occupying the third place on popularity after APS-C and full-frame systems.

The Japanese company Olympus, one of the pioneers of making digital cameras, renounces the business of producing cameras. About it on Wednesday, June 24, reports The Verge.

The company explained its decision by saying that “the most serious market digital cameras” is no longer profitable.

Noted, the past three years, Olympus recorded losses in this segment of their business. This is due, in particular, with the popularity of smartphones, which replaced the non-professional photo equipment.

The manufacturer has announced that it is selling its business on the development and production of cameras company Japan Industrial Partners, which first bought a Sony VAIO PC. Olympus is now focusing on expanding its business for the supply of industrial and medical equipment.

“Olympus is considering this transfer as an opportunity to give your business the image processing to continue to develop and deliver services to our old and new customers, fans and lovers of photography”, – stated in the message of the company in the case of the segment of photographic equipment.

Olympus mark was registered in 1921, and in 1923 she shifted from thermometers to the production of microscopes. Photo story producer began in 1934, when Olympus started designing the optics for cameras. Two years later she started producing under the brand name Zuiko optics and introduced its first camera the Semi-Olympus I.

Earlier it was reported that last year in the world of decreased demand for new gadgets, at a time when smartphones former use began to buy more actively by 18%.

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