Photo: Instagram/mashapolyakova Youngest daughter weaned Polyakov beat older

The singer said that beat my older daughter, and younger and never touched. Also she told me who she was weaned beat.

Ukrainian singer and TV presenter Olga Polyakova said that beat his eldest daughter Mary. Such Frank recognition of the artist made during a live broadcast in Instagram with actress Olga Sumskaya.

While Polyakov added that more 15-year-old girl a hand up.

“Masha worked assault. She seemed to be in the head, and she came to life. Masha beat once, never beat,” said Polyakova in the air.

Masha Polyakova in the challenge #mugshot. Masatami in foreign countries is usually called the photos taken at the police station after his arrest. Instagram/mashapolyakova

According to the singer’s physical abuse, she is no longer engaged in because of a younger Alice, which is more restrictive. Polyakova sure if 9-year-old Alice went as Masha, the girl just went out of the house without forgiving mother of a beating.

“Me Alice taught not to beat Masha. Because when alyssa was born, I realized that… worked with Masha, this does not work. This was impossible to hit. If I hit her, she’d left home forever. This is such a child,” said Polyakova, adding that now more children beats.

We will remind that Olya Polyakova admitted that he was sick with coronavirus. The star contracted the virus from his youngest daughter, when I was in Miami.

We also wrote that Polyakov showed perfect figure after “pizza and PASOK”.

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Sumi turned out to be sooo loves “actions” 🙆 🏼 ♀ app🤣 Olya @olgasumska! Thanks for this live! We are infinitely whinnying like crazy, I love these broadcasts! Guys, Sumska – TSE love! 😻

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