More days the client is illegally detained the man, beating and mocking him


Odessa nights spent in his apartment the taxi driver for the fact that he allegedly has not complied with its order. About it reported in a press-service of the Main Directorate of the National police of Ukraine in Odessa region.

According to 33-year-old victim, her abuser, he accidentally met in the street the Army, where they brought passengers. Odessa, which had previously used his services, was standing in the yard with his friend. Seeing the familiar taxi driver, the offender offered to work their “designated driver” and promised to pay 100 hryvnia per hour. The victim agreed.

At the suggestion of the suspect, all three men went upstairs to his apartment. After drinking alcohol the home owner and his buddy wanted to ride around the city. To do this, they decided to use the car of the owner, at the wheel which sat the driver. During the “road walks” the car owner suddenly remembered the old “mad” and began to show in relation to driver aggression. The reason for this behavior is that when the taxi driver allegedly failed to comply with the order men.


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Ordered to stop the car, the malefactor began to swear obscenely and beat the victim. However, this seemed to him a little. Returning to his house, Odessa demanded that the taxi driver went to his apartment, and when he refused, dragged by force. More days the offender illegally detained the man, beating and mocking him. As a result of illegal actions the victim suffered injuries in the form of bruises and four broken ribs.

Enjoying “revenge”, the suspect released the victim and he immediately appealed for help to the police.