Politburo of the workers ‘ party of Korea established in Korea, a new official holiday — the day of the founding of the Korean people’s army (kPa), which is celebrated annually on 8 February. As stated in a report published Tuesday, the Agency KCNA the resolution to this day each year will be the celebration. What specific activities will take place is not specified, but earlier, South Korean media reported plans by Pyongyang the day before the start of the Olympics to hold a military parade.

Photo: Reuters

As they say in the party decision, “February 8, 37 Juche (1948) is an historic independence day of she”, which appeared by converting established April 25, 1932, the Korean people’s revolutionary army (cnra) in the regular part. The same resolution established April 25, founding Day knra. Thus, on 8 February of this year, Korea will mark the 70th anniversary of the Korean people’s army.

In this regard, the party leadership decided that every year on 8 February the party organizations should carry out “ideological and political education” and other activities, “to soldiers, party members and working people deeply aware of the merits of the great leader, comrade Kim Il sung, on the construction of regular revolutionary armed forces.” “Relevant bodies, including the Cabinet of Ministers should take practical measures for the momentous celebration of the founding of the kPa,” — said in the decree.

In previous years the day of establishment of army in the DPRK celebrated April 25: according to official historiography of the country, the national armed forces were formed in April 1932, the future President of the people’s Republic Kim Il Sung on the basis of partisan detachments, which fought against the country occupied by the Japanese. In 2017, this day, residents of Pyongyang laid flowers to giant statues of Kim Il sung and Kim Jong-Il established in the city centre, visited the Memorial cemetery of the revolutionaries involved in the struggle against the Japanese occupation of Korea. However, the parade was carried out last year not 25, and April 15 — on the occasion of the 105th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il sung.

Informed South Korean Agency Yonhap, citing sources reported that North Korea may be preparing to conduct on 8 February a military parade. In particular, as noted, to the area of Pyongyang was pulled more than 12 thousand troops and 50 pieces of artillery. As noted by Japanese observers, Pyongyang, if it really would hold a parade the day before the Olympic games in Pyeongchang, wants to show that he did not intend to abandon missile and nuclear programs, despite the inter-Korean dialogue.