The United States will take the new sanctions, sure in Berlin

Additional sanctions will block a 700 million Euro investment and will hit more than one hundred companies.

In the case of new sanctions of the USA will be blocked around 700 million euros investment in the project Nord stream-2, wrote on Wednesday, July 1, TASS reported with reference to the company 2 the Nord Stream AG.

“Proposed by the U.S. of additional sanctions directly affect more than 120 companies from more than 12 European countries. In a difficult economic situation, sanctions will block approximately €700 million investment in the completion of the pipeline,” the company said.

Also they believe that the sanctions will jeopardise around €12 billion of investment in energy infrastructure of the EU, including approximately €8 billion invested directly in the construction of Nord stream-2, and €3 billion invested in development of gas transportation infrastructure in Germany, and €750 million in the Czech Republic.

In turn, the foreign Ministry of Germany possible new sanctions against the North stream 2 called unacceptable.

“The position of the German government on this issue is unambiguous: the extraterritorial sanctions are a flagrant interference in the sovereignty of the EU. It is obvious that the American side tries to unilaterally stop the project,” said state Secretary in the German foreign office Niels Annen.

According to him, under the threat of restrictive measures may be in addition to German, French, Dutch and Austrian companies.

“The voting and other details are unknown, but we have to assume that this bill will soon be passed,” said Annen.

Earlier it was reported that the U.S. Senate added to the project budget of national defence, a part about the introduction of additional sanctions against North stream-2.


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