New Great Wall Hover 2021, being much cheaper Gelendvagen, can make it a serious competition. The novelty will hit the market this year.

The Chinese manufacturer probably noticed the trend for retro design in the SUV segment: the Jeep Renegade, Land Rover Defender, Ford Bronco, Suzuki Jimny and permanent Mercedes G-class – all these modern cars are happy to exploit a classic style that has a positive impact on their popularity.

Haval H5 (Great Wall Hover) is preparing to debut

SUV Great Wall Hover, who has never had problems with sales, decided to join the fashion direction. The design of the previous model, also known as Haval H5, in 15 years, the line production is hopelessly outdated, so a successor is needed.

The design of the Haval H5 (Great Wall Hover) leaked

Just saw him photospin on the roads of China. The prototype is camouflaged, but thanks to the recent leaks, we know how will look the new SUV. Harsh design, the large front grill and round headlights create new items are quite stylish and unusual appearance.

SUV Haval H5 (Great Wall Hover) is preparing to debut

SUV Haval H5 (Great Wall Hover) is preparing to debut

Haval Concept H

Now we found out that the rear lights are vertical blocks, which are connected by a long led strip. A similar solution was demonstrated at the Haval Concept H. The same is true of the cabin in which there was a recognizable steering wheel, the horizontal deflectors of the climate system and two large monitors, one of which performs the function of the digital dashboard.

Interior Haval H5 2021

Salon Concept Haval H

It is expected that the new Haval H5 2021 model year will receive the frame structure of its own design. The old model was based on the components of the Isuzu Axiom, which appeared 20 years ago. The Chinese market SUV will go before the end of this year.

The design of the Haval H5 (Great Wall Hover) leaked

Great Wall Hover appeared in 2005

The g-wagon is one of the modern SUV, designed in retro style

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