Photo: What will be the iPhone 9 and iPhone X Plus: features, videos and latest pictures.

iPhone 9 (X2) and X iPhone Plus Apple presents online in September 2018. All what is already known about the new Apple smartphones: pictures, videos, characteristics, and the presence of a second sim card.

In 2018 Apple may be simultaneously present three or four new iPhone. Analysts and bloggers are trying to find leaks, how will the new model of Apple iPhone. We have collected all the rumors about the iPhone 9 (X2) and X iPhone Plus.

Most likely the presentation of new gadgets will have on the September 2018. Starting with the iPhone 5, which was submitted in 2012 and before 2017, the company will present in September!

In the past, Steve jobs introduced the very first Apple iPhone, which opened to the world of new technologies, opportunities and direction of development of all smartphones.

In 2017, the 12 September Apple introduced a completely new and original Apple iPhone iPhone X. X has all the modern technology and functions. Also, the presentation showed different size iPhone 8. All this prohodilo the new Apple campus, Park in the California Silicon valley city of Cupertino.

In addition to the long-awaited smartphone, Apple managed to show who can call hours and some premium, but not to attract special attention to accessories. will lead the text online broadcast of the presentation of the new iPhone 9 (X2) and X iPhone Plus..

Apple CEO Tim cook opened the presentation of words about Steve Jobs, noting that the room in which they are located is called the Theatre of Steve jobs.

“And second, whatever I thought that this presentation should pursue Steve. We dedicate this theatre to Steve. Today, as always, we honor him,” said cook.

Come 2018 and soon Apple will unveil a whole new Apple. With maximi words will begin the presentation Tim cook and that will present the world this time?

What is today known about the trends, what will be the new iPhone, what features will have, all the leaked pictures of the new iPhone, the latest video, you can see it on the website

What is today known about the new iPhone?

In a future iPhone 9 will probably be support for two SIM-cards. Confirmation of this was found in a test version of iOS 12.

Features iPhone 9 and iPhone X Plus

In particular, it is known that among the components of the system that form the reports on the device were found “Status for the second SIM-card” and “Status of the tray of the second SIM-card”. Also confirms the presence of a second SIM card and a number of other references.

It is known that the rumors about the presence of the second SIM card have appeared previously. However, it was also intended to receive it can not all gadgets line, but only with the screens on 6.1 and 6.5 inches.

Photos of the new iPhone

The network has already appeared the first photos of brand new IPhones. Photos published on his page in the Network authoritative insider Benjamin Gaskin, a.k.a. @ VenyaGeskin1.

Judging from the appearance, in the picture shown are not real gadgets, and their factory layouts.

When you create a layout based on the manufacturing schemes.

Phones have screen sizes of 6.5 and 6.1 inches. The latter is a budget model with an LCD screen and a single camera.

It is expected that the cheapest model will also get the ultra-thin frame 0.5 mm, made of aluminium.

The estimated cost for these devices will range from 650 to 800 (for budget model) and from 900 to 1000 dollars for more equipped.

Video iPhone 9

The Network was published “live” video with the new iPhone X Plus LCD iPhone 9. Gadgets are shown in all details, but because of doubt in the design of future devices already should not stay. The video was posted on the YouTube channel Tiger Mobiles.

Smartphones of the future ruler will receive the support Face ID. It is expected that the company will introduce three gadgets coming in the fall. Two of them will get a screen with a diagonal of 6.5 and 6.1 inches. Concerning the third device information yet.

Moreover it is known that iPhone X and X Plus will be the only smartphone line, equipped with dual camera.