In the network surfaced video with a new boyfriend Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, which the scandal broke up with her husband Murat Nalchajian.

So, Telegram-channel “to Just about anyone…” posted a video in which the artist is depicted in the company of an unknown guy with a beard and a black cap. First he’s standing near the stage next to the star, but then begins to move away from it.

It is argued that this is a new young man singer. He probably visited the rehearsal of one of the concerts of Russian artists, which was attended Lorak (a singer moved to Russia and worked there for several years).

Novostimoscow not? Lorak suddenly fired his entire team in Russia

Ani Lorak

Instagram @anilorak happy

“They say he works in “BlackStar” (Black Star Incorporated,an independent Russian record label and production company. – Ed.). Goes with Caroline to the event and rehearsal, but next to long standing, not to palitsya”, – stated in the message.

Alleged beloved lorac – the man in the hat (right)

Screen video

Alleged beloved lorac – the man in the hat (right)

Screen video


  • The reason for the breakup Lorak and her ex-husband was cheating Murat (which was on video) with a young model Yana Belyaeva.

  • The information that the singer decided to divorce, appeared in October 2018.

  • A lawsuit was filed on 4 December 2018, and the first meeting was held on December 24.

  • 31 Jan Ani Lorak officially divorced Nalchajian.

  • Brother of the singer told the details, adding that her daughter Sophia after a divorce remains with her mother.

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