The amount of nitric acid that spilled four tons

Accident. The collision of Audi and Mercedes bus were injured 23 people, two died on the spot. Photo: press service of the SSES region

Tuesday for Dnipro and area residents was very restless. The day the city has seen several major accidents.

LAUNCHED HEART. So, August 7th, around 9:00 on Glinka street, the man lost consciousness and did not awake. Until the arrival of medical personnel to revive him were trying passers-by. The man poured water and did CPR. In the eyes of 6-year-old daughter, who with tears in his eyes asked me to save her father, about an hour tried to return from a condition of clinical death.

“I got the call. When he arrived, he saw that the unconscious person. Before the ambulance had given him pre-medical help, then handed him to medics,” — told “Today” in the management of patrol police in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Due to coherence, the man was breathing, but unfortunately died later in the hospital.

NITROGEN. A little later, at 14:09, near the Dnieper was a large-scale chemical accident. In Petrikov district on the route Dnieper—Kobeliaky—Reshetylivka depressurized one of the blocks of the tank truck, which was transporting 24 tons of nitric acid. Dangerous substance began to seep from the tank and spilled on the road. In the air instantly lifted a cloud of bright acid colors. The leak happened in the first compartment, where there were eight tons of chemicals.

“The quantity of nitric acid, which resulted, four tons. As at 16:00 the flow of acid is stopped. Work on neutralizing substances”, — reported in a press-service gschs in the Dnepropetrovsk area.

Completely to eliminate consequences of the accident managed to 21:00. Rescuers in chemical protection suits peppered sprayed acid caustic soda and lime to neutralize the danger. Upon the incident the criminal proceedings according to article 267 of the criminal code of Ukraine. Guilty of “violating the rules of handling of hazardous substances” threatens shtaf to 3400 UAH or deprivation of liberty up to three years.

Nitrogen. On the move resulted in 4 tons of chemicals. Photo: press service of the SSES region

ACCIDENT. A large-scale accident occurred in the Poltava highway between the villages Loboikivka and Yelyzavetivka in Petrikov district. About 18:25 Audi car flew into the bus Mercedes message “Dnieper — Kamenka”, which he turned over and flew into a ditch. The accident killed two passengers of the bus: 57-year-old man and 52-year-old woman. Injuries of different severity level have received 23 persons. 34-year-old Audi driver and his passenger. Dead bodies and injured people out of the bus with the help of special equipment had to be removed for the rescuers. 14 people were hospitalized.

“The driver is in the hospital. He contact. Interviewed him and handed him the message on suspicion in Commission of criminal offence. He is detained as article 208 criminal procedure code of Ukraine. Over time, he will be elected the measure of restraint”, — said the “Today” in a press-service of the national police in the Dnipropetrovsk region.


Injured in major accidents on the Poltava highway, was hospitalized in medical facilities Kamensky and Dnieper. Note that in the comments on the network kamenchane displeasure expressed about the hospital where delivered victims, citing the lack of necessary medicines and medical equipment. In turn, the mayor Kamensky, Andrei Belousov instructed the chief of a gorupravleniye of health to provide victims with all necessary.

As reported in the Dnipropetrovsk region completed the neutralization of the leak of nitric acid from a tanker. The threat of human settlements no. This was reported by the press center of the state service for emergency situations (SSES) of Ukraine.

This is not the only leakage of hazardous substances from trucks in Ukraine for the last time. For example, on the highway Kharkiv – Simferopol overturned truck loaded with caustic soda. Consequences prevented with the help of special vehicles.

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