NASA presented tilps video of the Sun’s rotation, which covers a 10-year period of activity of the star. Video was made from images that were gathered by the solar dynamics Observatory in 10 years of its existence, according to

It is noted that during this time the machine was able to do 425 million images of the Sun. The solar dynamics Observatory makes the stars every 0.75 seconds. And tool Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) takes photos every 12 seconds in 10 different wavelengths.

In the presented video you can see the solar corona, and the increase and decrease in the activity of stars during the 11-year cycle. In addition, in the video there are dark frames, they are caused by the fact that the Earth or the Moon hid the Sun from the Observatory.

Periods when the Sun is not in the center of the frame is the periods of calibration of scientific instruments and the absence of data in 2016 caused by a failure in the instrument AIA.