Photo: Dezeen Clothing from NASA released in honor of his 60th birthday

The collection includes jackets, backpacks, t-shirts, caps and gloves. Released it in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Agency.

Space Agency NASA has released a collection of clothing that is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of its activities. It includes jackets, backpacks, t-shirts, caps and gloves. This writes Dezeen.

Silver denim jacket that is part of the collection, reminiscent of those worn by a group of astronauts the mercury 7. A backpack similar to the life support system of astronauts.

Clothing decorated with the logo of Worm, which the Agency used the last time in 1990.

The cost of items varies from 100 to 1200 dollars.

Earlier it was reported that NASA called unrealistic idea Elon musk on colonising Mars. According to scientists, the planet conditions do not allow it to carry out.

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