Mars Rover “opportunity” has become known not only to those that worked on the surface of the red planet for almost 15 years instead of 90 days that took him from the scientists. Alas, 10 Jun 2018 he’s been out for the last time: then Mars covered powerful dust storm, which apparently put an end to a very brave and hard-working Rover. However NASA managed to get the last images that the Rover transmitted to Earth just before his departure to sleep.

The last panorama of the Rover was composed of 354 images, which were made on camera Pancam 13 may to 10 June 2018. On the photo you can see the inner slope of the Western shaft of endeavour crater, and the Rover itself — or rather, its traces and the antenna.

And here is the last photo that the opportunity Rover transmitted to Earth before his “disappearance”. Because of the darkness in the pictures is very much “noise”, but if you try, you can find the Sun in the Martian sky. Found?

And here it is:

Only the Rover opportunity has been working on the red planet 5352 Martian days, having overcome more than 45 kilometers of the surface of Mars. Initially, the Rover was supposed to work only 1 000 meters, but due to favorable weather conditions continued study. During his work he sent not the Land about 225 thousand photos, analyzed dozens of rocks on the planet, and even set a record — one day on Mars went as much as 220 meters.

Why not save the Rover opportunity through the Rover’s “Kyuriositi”? Unfortunately, this is simply impossible. According to the map of Mars created by NASA, “Curiosity” and “opportunity” are in 8400 kilometers from each other. Given that over 15 years “old man” drove 45 miles, his rescuer will need to overcome this distance forever.

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