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Experts have compared the existing options.

Surgical mask reliable only protects against coronavirus. To such conclusion the journalists of the edition of the Conversation (translation

Edition tested three types of masks — single layer consisting of two layers and surgical. In the test used the camera for high speed shooting and LED lighting. In the study, the experts simulated the spread of aerosol droplets from the nose and mouth without any protection, with regular fabric, two-layer and three-layer surgical masks.

In extreme conditions, doctors and scientists looking for a cure for coronavirus

According to the results of the tests the journalists said that the surgical mask is the best accessory from the coronavirus. The publication stated that consisting of several layers of fabric with a high guarantee prevents the spread of aerosol particles during breathing, sneezing and coughing.

While experts do not recommended using a surgical mask in use as these protections are primarily intended for physicians. The authors of the study recommended that to make the mask yourself using a minimum of three layers of material, waterproof membrane for the outer layer and hybrid fabrics, such as cotton-synthetic. In particular, the degree of protection 12-layer homemade accessory was comparable with surgical mask.

In April, U.S. researchers said that is made of hybrid materials homemade masks best block the propagation of viral particles. Experts have advised to use for creating the mask of a combination of cotton, chiffon, cotton flannel, and others.