Representative of an endangered species captured on camera for the first time since 2010. In the wild, these predators were several dozen.

In the national Park highlands of Ahaggar in Algeria took the most elusive cat in the world. This is the website of NDTV.

Northwest African Cheetah noticed for the first time since 2010. Animal listed in the Red book and is on the verge of extinction.

Scientists took a Cheetah on a volcanic field, Atakora, whose peaks reach three thousand feet. Officer of the Indian forest service Susanta Nanda also shared the rare predator, noting that it is the most elusive cat in the world.


Northwest African Cheetah is found only in limited areas of the Sahara and Sahel region from Mali in the West to the Central African Republic to the East.

The international Union for the conservation of wildlife estimated the population of these cats in Algeria in 37 individuals per period of 2012.

Earlier it was reported that the rare predators fight videotaped. Also the Correspondent wrote that was published a rare video of extinct animal.

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