More than 50 deaths, the number of victims exceeded a hundred, but to give exact figures is impossible. Around the Greek capital is raging the largest in the last few years forest fires.

About 24 deaths due to fire media reported yesterday. Today, rescuers managed to get to the resort village of Mati. There on the beach found 26 tel.

“I was informed by the lifeguard that he saw a shocking picture, consisting of 26 people, held tightly on a field 30 metres from the beach,” — reports Reuters words of the head of the red cross of Greece Nikos Economopoulos.

Media reports that the youngest victim just six months — the child died from the smoke.

It is also reported that more than 88 adults and 16 children were injured. Many of the injured are in serious condition.

People are trying to escape from an approaching fire in the sea. The coastal rescue service reports that 696 were evacuated from the beaches. Another 19 people picked up in the water .

Fires are raging on three sides of Athens: in the coastal resort town Kineta, as well as near the towns of Rafina, Pikermi, Mati, NEOs Voutzas and on the slopes of mount Pendeli.

Amid the smoke appeared on Monday concerned the views of the residents and tourists of Athens Parthenon.

“We are dealing with something completely asymmetrical,” said pale, the Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras after he interrupted a visit to Bosnia.

He acknowledged that the situation with forest fires out of control. Greece has requested assistance in extinguishing the fires of the European Union, reports “German wave”.

Forest fires are not uncommon in Greece. The reason for this, according to the preliminary version, could be a relatively dry winter and abnormally hot weather, established in recent weeks in the region.