Air force every day are on the protection of the sky of Ukraine, and the infantry continues to destroy the enemy in the Donbas

The Ukrainian army was stronger. Photo: AFP

Today Ukrainian soldiers celebrate their professional holiday – the Day of Armed forces of Ukraine. The Ministry of defence has prepared videos on various combat arms. Even the commanders of the United States and Canada recognize that learning at APU.

The army chief and the most powerful armed forces of Ukraine. Just infantry plays a crucial role in the implementation of the APU of combat missions that she demonstrated in the fighting in the Donbass.

Naval forces are designed to repel armed aggression against Ukraine from direction of sea, participation in the liquidation of armed conflict in cooperation with other types of APU and the promotion of land forces when conducting military operations in coastal areas.

Air force are always constant combat duty for air defense and carry out fighting tasks on protection of the air borders of our state. Military pilots along with other service members, this type of troops involved in the fighting in Eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian military aviation is the hallmark of our state at the international level.

Airborne assault troops respond quickly to various challenges and threats, perform tasks as intended in situations requiring high manoeuvrability and autonomy of action.

Special operations forces – modern component of the APU. There are no obstacles that could not overcome the forces of SSO and no enemy whom would have retreated or afraid Ukrainian soldier special operations Forces.