Canavin accuses the actor in the brutal beatings

Michael Fassbender. Photo: AFP

In the center of the scandal was a 40-year-old Michael Fassbender. Recently the ex-girlfriend of actor Canavin Andrews frankly said that he had been the victim of violence in 2010. According to the model, the incident happened when Michael got mad at her because she said Hello with a former boyfriend. Canavin accuses the actor of the brutal beating in which she had a shattered kneecap, twisted ankle, internal bleeding and a ruptured ovarian cyst.

In the same year, the model was applied to ex-boyfriend to court, after which Michael had to pay for her treatment, 24 thousand dollars. In addition, she States that one day star had beaten her in a drunken state. Representatives of the actor refuted all charges Canavin, however, in the 2010th year, the court forbade Michael to approach former girlfriend and her children.

Recall that Mis ICL Fassbender was one of the contenders for the key role in the film “Star wars: Episode 7 – Awakening Forces”.