Photo: Getty Images Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is still not thinking about retirement.

Barcelona forward Lionel Messi said that can easily present itself as a player in 40 years and hasn’t thought about retirement.

“I can easily imagine that I will be playing in 40 years. I haven’t thought what to do when you retire. I don’t know. I live for today and think about where I am now and how much more I can play about anything. Decide what to do next, when there will come this moment, and while I have a contract. After completion the club will discuss and decide what to do.

But I plan to stay in Barcelona, my children attend the local school, they have friends. We think about it more than anything else” – quoted by Marca Messi.

Earlier it was reported that Messi for the first time in 12 years were not included in the shortlist of contenders for the title of player of the year by FIFA.

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