Photo: Twitter Megan for profit forced Harry to abandon family and friends

A journalist in his new book about the Royal family of Britain called Prince Harry “pathetic” and “spineless”. In the opinion of the writer, Meghan Markle just “crushed” the younger grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.

Author of books about the British Royal family Colin Campbell believes that the wife of Prince Harry Megan Markle will make him miserable. The writer also described the Harry unflattering epithets – it “pathetic, “flabby” and because Megan has lost almost all the friends, writes the Daily Mail.

The book Meghan And Harry: The Real Story (Megan and Harry: the Real story) has already appeared on the shelves. Aware that her 70-year-old author close to the Royal family. Earlier from under her pen came a biography of Princess Diana, which became a bestseller according to the New York Times.

Colin Campbell in his new work critically characterizes the Dukes of Sussex. Especially she walked for the former American actress.

In the opinion of the writer, Megan for personal gain, forced her husband to abandon family and friends.

“Megan’s a total opportunist. She knew in advance that will earn the status of a member of the Royal family, although this is strictly banned,” said Campbell.

She adds that Markle has achieved its goal – “the life of a millionaire in Hollywood”. While most affected the younger grandson of the Queen of Britain.

“He’s weaker than her, she stepped on him… Prince Harry is too weak to leave his wife,” summed up Colin Campbell.

As previously reported, life of Prince Harry “turned into a nightmare.”

Also wrote that Prince William called insensitive. In the new biographical book by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can be put in a bad light, the members of the British Royal family.

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