Yuri Matsarsky with Arkady Babchenko

Photo: Yuri Matsarsky / Facebook

The wife of the journalist Arkady Babchenko knew from the beginning that his murder was staged. About this in comments to the edition “GORDON” said Ukrainian journalist, a friend of Yuri Babchenko Mazarski.

“I because of the swine turned gray a second time. As it turned out, the wife Babchenko knew that his death was staged. That’s who we are until four in the morning was comforting who drank Valerian. That is, the wife Babchenko was sitting next to a fake blood stain on the floor, everyone knew and kept to us nothing to tell. Moreover, it is also we tried to comfort him. In the end she did not confess that he was aware and just couldn’t open up to even his closest friends, not to disrupt the RAID. I hope in the next few hours I’ll get the bastard,” said Mazursky.

29 may 2018 the information appeared that in working in Kiev Russian journalist Babchenko was shot in the stairwell of his house. He supposedly died in the car “fast”. The police reported that the killer of the journalist – professional killer.

As the main version of murder law enforcement officers considered a professional activity Babchenko. The fact of the crime, the police of Kiev opened criminal proceedings.

Today, may 30, it became known that the murder was staged.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed to provide Babchenko security.

“Moscow is unlikely to calm down – instructed to provide Arkady and his family security”, – said the head of state.