Photo: Watch online Masterchef season 8 17th edition of the show

In Ukraine the show Masterchef season 8 sets new records. Watch the seventeenth edition of the most ambitious cooking show on Корреспондент.net 23.10.2018.

In the cooking show Masterchef season 8 extraordinary events taking place. Cooks-Amateurs received a big job. Participants will have one day to build a restaurant.

Experts gave the participants only the bare walls with a height of 3.5 meters. The objective of a national chefs is developing a concept, creating menus and interior.

What adventures await and complexity of the project participants during the creation of your own hands first restaurant watching Masterchef on Tuesday, October 23 Корреспондент.net.

Under this severe test Elina Pavlenko trust to buy the putty, paint, shelves, lamps, and other materials for a new restaurant. But roses for women the most important of any construction materials. Even if they spend all the money. Elina cope with its responsibilities, or succumb to women’s weaknesses will be known in the 18th edition of the show.

In the 17th edition of the show Masterchef 2018 was the unique battle of black aprons. For the first time, participants hang from the assessment of other participants. In the battle involved three – Darina Clinked, Elina Pavlenko and Evgeny Kirsanov.

Masterchef season 8 watch 17th edition online:

The team prepared three delicious meals: chocolate fountain, steak-rare, medium rare with asparagus and cauliflower and mussels with mint-casovym pesto sauce. “The losers” was rated the meals at the three-point system. If their evaluation coincides with the score of Hector, the owner of a black apron received your scores.

In the end, wrong everything, but it’s scored the same number of points and no one left the show Masterchef season 8 in 17 release.

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