The project partner, Carlsberg, is announcing the match 32 th round of the championship of England between Liverpool and crystal Palace.

In the Central match of the 32nd round of the championship of England Manchester city at the Etihad stadium to take Liverpool.

Man City – Liverpool
22:15, Thursday. The Etihad Stadium, Manchester
Chief referee – Anthony Taylor

State teams

This fight was supposed to be the second biggest game of the season (after their first battle at Anfield). Now this match between first and second place turns into a formality from the point of view of tournament struggle.

Last game of the bulls against Chelsea brought a “red” victory – the first time in 30 years in Merseyside are celebrating a championship, and the team of jürgen Klopp set a record: won the title for 7 rounds before the end.

If to speak in General about the form of the team, with Everton they played a draw, while crystal Palace defeated with the score 4:0. After solved the problem for a season they may have one motivation – to score 107 points and set a record for points scored in a season. Now Liverpool’s 86 points. In General, it seems that the command uses the final part of this drawing, as a preparation to the next.

The team of Josep Guardiola is unlikely to lose second place. Separation from Lester’s solid, 8 points, and looking at the results of the team Brendan Rodgers, rather “foxes” drops in the fourth than man city will give “silver”.

Unlike Liverpool, Manchester city still have two of the tournament: the FA Cup (mid-July) and Champions League (beginning of August). Spanish specialist systematically preparing a “sky blue” to the Cup tournaments, so against the “red” it is unlikely players will fight “to the death”. Moreover, it may be the last of the Champions League for the bulls in the near future, because the court of FFP has not been canceled.

Staffing issues

Both clubs have certain problems. Guardiola will not be able to rely on the main striker Sergio Aguero due to injury and midfielder/defender Fernandinho earned a disqualification – red card in the game against Chelsea.

Jurgen Klopp will not be able to rely on the eternal of James Milner, as well as emergency Gergana Shaqiri – they have damage. More serious injury Joel Matip defender flew to the end of the season.

The approximate composition

Man City: Ederson – Cancela, Laporte, Otamendi, Zinchenko, De Bruyne, Gundogan, David Silva, Sana’a, Jesus, Bernardo Silva.

Liverpool: Alsion, Alexander-Arnold, Van Dyck, Lovren, Robertson – Keith, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Henderson, Mans, Firmino, Salah.


Due to the fact that the match has almost no tournament value, we can expect experiments from both coaches. In this regard, it is difficult to determine a clear favorite, however, as both teams isn’t a lot of motivation, and injuries definitely not wanted, you can expect bold, but not rough football.



Manchester Siti – Liverpool: the announcement of the first prediction for the championship Englandiï

Partner of the project, Carlsberg, Anons match 32 th round of the championship Englandiï mizh Lverpool I Kristal Pelas.

Within the Central podenco the 32nd round of the championship Englandiï Manchester Siti on Etched Stedium Prime Lverpool.

Man Siti – Liverpool
22:15 the fourth. Ethad Stadium, Manchester
The head arbtr sustr – Anton Taylor

The mill teams

Tsey match CCB blame for the way others Golovnin podencos in season (after perso h Batal on Infld). Now the same Protestant mizh Perche others I mccem tablets perevorota on formalist iz point Zora turnno of borotba.

Passed Gras “of Gordan” against Chels brought “red” Peremoga – vpershe for 30 years in Mersyside swatkat the championship, and pidopichni Jurgen Klopp ustanovili record: zavoevanie title 7 turf to CNCA.

Yakscho well say in General about the form of teams, then s Evertone stink zhrali until and crystal Palace have razgromili s rahunkom 4: 0. After versenne the challenge on the season and they Mauger Buti one motivation – 107 navrati point I of ustanoviti record after sabranie points for the season. At a time have Liverpoola 86 points. In General, as well skladatelja vdott scho team vykorystovuyutsia zakljucno castino tsogo roskrow, Yak chotoku to nastupnogo.

The team of Josep Guardali vzhe hardly Chi vratiti other meeting place. VDRIVE from Leicester solani and Osiris on results team Brendan Rodgers, likely “licit” apostatise on the fourth, than man Siti vdate “sriblo”.

On vdmo from Liverpole, the Manchester Siti zalishilosya has two turni: Cup Englandiï (mid lipnya) I Liga League journal (cob serpnya). Spanski fahiz planomerno goto “sky-Blakytny” to kupkovic turnrow, that against “cervone” unlikely Chi grafts will betise “to the death”. Tim bilshe scho TSE Mauger Buti the last Champions League for the “Gordan” nayblyzhchym hour, after the court of PZPN nhto not vdmn.

Kadrov power

From oboh je klubu pin problems. Guardala not smoge rozregulowany on the head of striker Sergio Aguero through injury, and midfielder / zahisnik Fernando zarobiv disquali – red card in the game s Cells.

Jurgen Klopp not smoge poslastica on wonogo James Milner, and also spare Gergana Sakr – they poshkodzhennya. More serjozna injury Joel Mata, zahisnik wilets to CNCA season.

Orto of skladi:

Man Siti: Ederson – Cancela, Laporte, Otamendi, Suncinco De Bruyne, Gundogan, David Slva – Mahrez, Jesus, Bernardo SLA.

Liverpool: Alson – Oleksandr-Arnold, Van Dyck, Lovren, Robertson Keith, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Henderson Mans, Frmne, Salah.


S looked around at those scho match practically got turnmore znachennya, can occulate of experiment from oboh cocv. In this regard’yazku s CIM vaiko vinciti clear favorite, however, in skilki in oboh teams not so many motives and travmi sure to not potribni, can chekati smelly, but not gruby football.

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