The project partner, Carlsberg, is a report on the match between Liverpool and man city.
In 32-m round of the championship of England were two of the League leaders Liverpool and Manchester city.

In fact, the intrigue in this fight was not there for Liverpool in the last round was the first time in 30 years a champion and man city surely goes on the second line in the League and virtually no risk that someone will overtake it in the standings.

In this game city were not able to help the injured Sergio Aguero and suspended for his red card against Chelsea Fernandinho. The Liverpool infirmary was James Milner and Jordan Shaqiri.

In the first minutes it was hard to say that Liverpool took to the field without motivation. Already in the opening game, the Ederson had to make a save following a strike Salah received a pass to the penalty area. The rebound from Firmino was too simple, but still with an acute angle.

A few minutes later, the same Salah cut inside from the right flank after a pass from Firmino, and then from the centre penalty area low shot struck the post.

While Liverpool created more chances in the counterattack, and the ball kept more players man city, but for a long time of goal-scoring opportunities they had.

That all changed in the 23rd minute. Gomez pulled the shirt on the left flank of Stirling free-kick and the referee awarded a penalty, which was converted by De Bruyne.

Ten minutes later Foden got the ball on the right flank to counterattack, and then moved to the main entrance to the rival’s penalty area, and then made a pass on the left flank of Stirling, who doubled the advantage for his team.

This goal was a blow for so little of a motivated Liverpool, who before the break was invisible on the field.

But man city scored again. Foden, receiving the ball izgubili, quickly played in the wall with de Bruyne and just under the crossbar.

In the second half Liverpool continued to play in an unusual team game with a lack of motivation, attitude and desire, and man city took advantage. Although visually Liverpool attacked more, but somehow in “idle”.

The second half started with the fact that after hitting Foden van Dijk brought the ball out of empty gates. But much more eloquent two other points of the half.

On 54 minutes, Henderson’s great pass found in the free mana, but that being alone in front of the goalkeeper, failed to stop the ball.

And in the 66th minute, Alexander-Arnold lost the ball on the left flank, after a long ball managed the transfer of de Bruyne, he found Sterling on the right flank of the penalty area, but Raheem shot into the far and the leg badly framed oxlade-Chamberlain. The parade of errors led to a fourth passed ball.

This game could finish as man city are not particularly going forward to kill the opponent. But once again the ball in the goal of Alisson was. Before the final whistle played a one-two with Mahrez Vodena and struck the near corner, but the referee after watching the video replay cancelled a goal, having seen a handball.

4:0 – a crushing victory for man city, which team Guardiola brought only moral satisfaction.

Manchester City — Liverpool 4:0
Goals: de Bruyne, 25 (pen.), Sterling, 35, Foden, 45, oxlade-Chamberlain, 66 (a/g)

Manchester City: Ederson — Walker (Cancela, 73), Garcia, Laporte (Otamendi, 78), Mendy — Rodri, Gundogan — Foden, De Bruyne, Sterling (B. Silva, 79) — Gabriel BOM Jesus (Mahrez, 58).

Liverpool: Alisson Alexander Arnold (Williams, 76), Gomez (Oxlade-Chamberlain 46), van Dijk, Robertson Henderson, Fabinho, Wijnaldum (Keita, 62) — Salah, Roberto Firmino (Origi, 62), Manet (Minamino, 84).

Warning: Mehndi, Walker, Gomez.




Manchester Siti Savda razgromnoe porazki Liverpoolu


Partner of the project, Carlsberg, poda s zvit about the match mizh Lverpool man I Siti.

At the 32nd tour championship Englandiï sustris two ldere persist – Liverpool I Manchester Siti.

Osoblivo strigi in this podenco not Bulo: Liverpool for pdsummary view from the past tour becoming vpershe for 30 years a champion and man Siti vpevneno yde on other shodans in the EPL, I riziku practical no scho htos Yogo obsene in turnmy tablets.

The Siti shares the game could not dopomogty of trawmore Sergio Agüero I dickwella for the red card against Chels Fernandinho. Have Liverpoole in lazaret openrice James Milner I Jordan Sacr.

At first huiling Bulo smoothly skazati, scho Liverpool Wishaw on the field without motives. Already in debut Gris Ederson are Robit had a save after the shot of Salah, that trimas pass from another free kick. Dobivanja from Frmne Bulo zanadto sorry, that shte th s acute Kuta.

After a couple minutes the same Salah MSTUCA s right flank after Paco Frmne and potim s center Strano breaking at the bottom of the post.

Wherein Lverpool storywas of moment more in the counterattack, and m Yach was timali gravz man Siti, ale Dovgy hour nagod of sabiti they have not Bulo.

All smyles on the 23rd Guilin. Gomez Potapov shirt on Lomu plans strafe Sterlng I arbtr priznaki penalt, that realseal De Bruyne.

Ten minute Foden trimas m ball on the right plans in Contratas, after chogo MSTUCA to the main entrance to STRATO soperniku and potim znayshov pass on LOMO plans Sterlng, that powwow Periago SVO team.

Tsey goal becoming a hit for so little motivating Liverpole, that to CNCA half CCB reportnum on poli.

And the axis of the Mas Siti scoring sche time. Foden, otrimali m Yach Shvidko shrew in STCU s, de Bruyne I just shot pid crossmember.

Have another Tim Liverpool prodview grati from Nevestino COMAND GRU s natachew motives, spirit of I there is a will, and man Siti Tsim koristuvacha. Although usualle Liverpool I utakuwa more ale yakos in “idle”.

The other half Gris resocialise s that scho after impact Foden van Dijk m wins ball z porong worth. Ale khudi more Krasnodon two NSA of momenti half.

In the 54th huilin Henderson vtmenu transmission znayshov have strarry mane, but terebovychi on samot before borateem not SMG of supinity m Yach.

And in the 66th Guilin Alexander-Arnold utrativ m ball on Lomu plans, after chogo long pass CCB round of dostavlenii de Bruyne, znayshov Sterling on the right plans strafe and Rahm shot into the far Kut, de on the way the foot newdale pastavil oxlade-Chamberlain. Parade poselok privv until the fourth missed m ach.

On this GRU mozhna Bulo Sakhnovich, so Yak man Siti not especially isow forward dobivali of supernice. Ale has once m Yach at the gate Also apenisa. Before the actual nalnym whistle Mahrez objres s Vodenim I Brazil Bligny Kut, ale arbtr after pereglyadu deopujari goal vdmn, pobachiti GRU hand.

4: 0 – razgroma Peremoga man Siti, Yak COMAND Guardali brought lachey moralne zadovolennya.

Manchester Siti – Liverpool 4: 0

Goli:de Bruyne, 25 (pen.), Sterling, 35, Foden, 45, oxlade-Chamberlain, 66 (a/g)

Manchester Siti: Emerson – Walker (Cancela, 73), Garcia, EMARK Laporte (Otamendi, 78), Mind – Rot, Gundogan – Foden, De Bruyne, Sterling (B. Selva, 79) – Gabriel BOM Jesus (Mahrez, 58).

Liverpool: Alston – Alexander Arnold (Ulams, 76), Gomez (Oxlade-Chamberlain 46), van Dijk, Robertson Henderson, Fabno Wijnaldum (Keita, 62) – Salah, Frmn (Arg, 62), Manet (Mname , 84).

Poperedzhennya: Mend, Walker, Gomez.

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