Stefan Gurov told us about the preparation for the season of 2018, changes in the coaching staff and the rest Svitolina

Elina Svitolina. AFP photo

On Monday the fourth ranked Elina Svitolina easily advanced to the second round of the Australian Open. Ukrainian tennis player in two sets defeated the Serbian Ivan Igorovich.

Stefan Gurov, Manager Elina Svitolina, we talked the day before yesterday when he went to the Green continent (“In Australia will be five hours later”).

— In the preparation of Elina’s for the season were the changes compared to previous years?
— The team worked very well. Everything went well in Paris, like last year, was a full-fledged training. And you saw that she greatly added to the first tournament in Brisbane. All okay (smiling).

— At the end of last season has appeared that the coaching staff subject to change. Someone was changed?
— Physiotherapist. Elina’ve thought long and hard to make such a decision. It was the question she was looking for a new formula, and we thought that it would be better to change it. The core team under the leadership of Thierry Ascione the same thing: left, Andrew Bettles and Oliver Fowles. A new physiotherapist David Bisko, I think, and it helps Elina. He worked in Italy, has a vast experience in different types of sports. Can’t say that this is a significant change, but a new face appeared.

— Changed the terms of cooperation with Thierry Acciona, given that he works with Tsongas?
— No, Accion continues to work with Jo-Wilfred Tsongas. As for the distribution of the tournaments where he will be present, there will probably be little change in the number and more attention will be paid to Elina. But the fact that he continues to Tsonga, today completely satisfied.

— Where Elina had time to visit in the off-season, on the way from Singapura-2017 to Melbourne in 2018?
— In the first place she came to Ukraine. Elina understands his status, what to it huge medianeras, which she must satisfy. And she always does it with pleasure. This time fly to a distant country — decided to rest in London. She came fully into his new London life. And at the end of November, she is already fully involved in heavy training process.