Photo: Group has launched a proxy servers to bypass the lock

Russian Mail.Ru Group has launched a proxy server for stable access to services. The three servers that offered Internet company located in Amsterdam.

In Russia Group has launched a proxy servers to bypass the lock. Links published on the company’s page in Vkontakte.

In the caption to the links specified that the proxy need “for stable access to your favorite services.” While TJournal indicated that all the three servers you suggested Mail.Ru Group, located in Amsterdam.

Earlier, Russian representative of that company said that they did not help Roskomnadzor to block proxy services that were used to bypass the lock Telegram.

The company noted that they are “for free Internet” and does not intend to provide “cloud power for any restrictions on the Internet”.

Recall, block Telegram on the territory of the Russian Federation Roskomnadzor has started since April 16, by court order, after the leadership of the messenger refused to pass the FSB encryption keys correspondence users.

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