Locksmith is a profession that encompasses certain activities related to security and metal construction, especially locks.

The “locksmith – metalworker” makes the following objects from laminate (high furnace steel bar) or from steel, aluminum, stainless steel or occasionally other metal alloys ranging from copper to aluminum. brass through titanium and all other alloys:

  • Metal joinery: doors, windows, bay windows, verandas, glass roofs …
  • The furniture of arrangement: furniture, tables, chairs …
  • The ironwork of art: wrought iron sets, gates, gates …
  • locksmith in Toronto: opening doors, installing and repairing locks, windows, doors, door closers, anti-panic …
  • The metal frame: realization of frames, straight staircase, balanced or helical (the staircase being considered as a frame).

He also takes care of the shielding of door and window frames and the assembly/disassembly of the elements built in the workshop or the frames.

There is no specific professional title conditioning the access to the trade of locksmith convenience store. As a result, it attracts many emergency convenience stores with unscrupulous practices. According to the Directorate General of Consumption, Competition and the Repression of Fraud (DGCCRF), the locksmith is the activity generating the largest number of complaints from consumers during emergency repairs.


The tools used in locksmithing depend on the type of work they will do, such as opening a metal sheet , making a copy or removing a lock. Different instruments will be used that over time have been changing and improving making the locksmith job faster and more efficient:

  • Ganzúa, that commonly inserts inside a lock and manipulates to open it without needing the key
  • “Key duplicating machine”, which can cut and make a new one from a key. There are manuals, automatic or semi-automatic
  • Lima metal, for finishing duplicate keys
  • Screwdriver, to loosen the screws of a lock
  • Stock of locks , plates and keys
  • Hammer
  • Vice
  • Pressure, mechanical, chauffeuring or riveting tip clamps
  • Drill and cordless drill
  • Drill bits of different sizes
  • Brochures
  • Rasp
  • Formon.
  • Machines
  • Fluted and Spanish keys of different sizes
  • Bumping keys to open locks
  • Autocle, game of dice of different measures that are used with a rattle spice to tighten or untighten.