Galkin: Where does childhood go?

Photo: maxgalkinru / Instagram

Russian showman Maxim Galkin showed in the Instagram as his five year old daughter Lisa riding on a swing.

“Where the childhood leaves?” – he wrote.

Over heard the girl’s mother, the wife Galkin, singer Alla Pugacheva sings: “Where does childhood, in what city? And how can we find the means to once again get there.”

Pugacheva asked my daughter if she knows it.

“Joy,” replied the girl.

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Where the childhood leaves? #elizabetharden #Alla

Publication of Maxim Galkin (@maxgalkinru) May 27, 2019 6:52 PDT

Galkin and Pugacheva also has a son Harry. Lisa and Harry, twins. 18 September 2018 they turned five years old. Children couple gave birth to a surrogate mother.

Galkin and Pugacheva are living married to 2011.